The VIA 8850 tablet PC

VIA will start the price ware after VIA8850 is launched.

VIA 8850 is based on Cortex-A9 core, 1.5GHz frequency, built-in Mali-400 GPU, Android4.0.3 OS.

We often use tablet PC to watch videos, listen to music, surfer the internet and play games.

The UI

The applications

In the taskbar, there is screenshot function.

The shortcut operation is on the right of the taskbar: WIFI on/off, Auto-rotate switch and brightness control and settings menu.

You can choose video wallpaper, music wallpaper and weather wallpaper.

With video wallpaper, the operation is still smooth.

Effect of the music wallpaper

It can provide 3D picture effect.

It has picture editor function.

It supports 1080P video playback.

You can control the size of the video.

Play music

With the file manager, you can copy, cut and delete the files. 

With the file manager, you can movie files among SD card, ROM and USB set.

With the application manager, you can unload applications or load applications.

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