The videos about VIA8850 tablet PC

VIA8650 tablet PCs with cheap price has been so popular. But as VIA8650 is upgraded lately, A10 size market share.
VIA has released VIA8850 with cheaper price to defeat Allwinner A10.
Haipad has released the VIA8850 tablet PC which is the first VIA8850 tablet PC.
This tablet PC is based on 7-inch capacitive screen, in the next a few months they will release 10-inch one. The 7-inch one sells for about $56.
VIA8850 is based on Cortex A9 and 1.2GHz frequency, which is more powerful than Cortex A8 solution. It has excellent performance for high definition videos and running speed.
The tablet loads Android4.0.3 OS.

The new feature is video active desktop. Though the video active desktop need more system resource, the operation still runs smoothly.

As the tablet is based on the old shell, it still has three buttons but Android4.0 OS does not need so many entity buttons.

Ports and buttons: Mini USB, HDMI output, TF card slot, headphone jack, power switch button
Allwinner A13 does not have HDMI output.

Black matches with white.

The white back

There are two different appearances.

The applications

Play music

Information about the system

Internal structure: PCBA, battery, LCD, touch screen

The VIA 8850 PCBA

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