Allwinner A13 tablet PCs begin to appear in market

Most people are not familiar with Allwinner A13, actually A13 is the simpler version of A10.

A13 is cheaper than A10 with only 512M memory and 800×600 resolution but without Bluetooth and HDMI. Allwinner A13 can be only used for 7-inch tablet PC and 8-inch tablet PC, it does not support 10-inch tablet PC.

Contrasted with VIA8850 and RK2906, A13 with low cost will have strong market competitive capability. The price of 7-inch tablet with A13 and capacitive screen will be less than $48 in May.

Now let us see the tablet based on A13 solution.

Configurations: A13 solution, Cortex-A8, 1GHz frequency, 512M memory, 4GB FLASH storage, 7-inch capacitive screen with 800×480 resolution, built-in WIFI, front facing camera with 0.3 mega pixels, Android4.0.3 OS and 325g weight.

▲The appearance is not different from A10 tablet PC.

▲The flat LCD screen, built-in camera on the top and three Android buttons on the right

▲Ports: power input, Micro USB, headphone jack and TF card slot

▲The power dissipation is lower than the A10 tablet PC.

▲The volume control button and power switch button

▲The speaker

▲The TF card slot

▲The lock screen

▲Information about the tablet PC

▲Effect of the website

Mobile phone: 13662220903

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