The First Tablet With Android4.0 OS

The tablet from Shenzhen Trust Time is the first tablet which is based on Tegra2 and Android4.0 OS. Android4.0 OS runs more smoothly. It is optimized for dual-core and multi-core. The speed is 1.8 times than Android3.1 OS.

The tablet looks like Xoom.

Detail configurations: Tegra2 processor, Android4.0.1 OS, 1G memory, 16G storage, 10.1-inch capacitive screen with 1280*800 resolution, front facing camera, rear facing camera, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI, USB, TF card slot, 3G card slot and 7000mAh battery.

Demonstrate the products

The startup interface

The gorgeous screen lock interface

The programs

Information about the system: Android4.0.1 OS

Make video chat by Skype

It looks so like Xoom.

Without buttons on the frontage

Metallic back shell

Ports for: Mini USB, Mini HDMI

The thickness is 12mm.

There is a dust cover on the card slots.

The TF card slot and SIM card slot

The rear facing camera

The dual-channel speaker is on the brief and metallic back shell.

Both the configurations and the OS are powerful. Tegra2 has good performance and Android4.0 runs smoothly. Most important it is not so expensive.


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