Aishuo A820 Is Released

Aishuo releases A820 tablet PC. The price is same with the other tablet PC based on 8-inch screen from Aishuo, but the configurations are upgraded. The gravity sensor is more sensitive and with Samsung WIFI module, the signal strength will reach up to 50m.

Look at the concise appearance, black matches with white. The body is 2mm thinner than iPad1, it is 16mm. Press the screen, it will not appears water ripples.

Configurations: Samsung PV210 processor, Cortex-A8 core, 1.2G frequency, 512Mmemory, 4GB FLASH storage, 8-inch resistive dual-touch screen with the resolution of 800×600, Bluetooth and built-in 2500mAh battery. Turn on WIFI, the battery can be used for 5 hours.

Some pictures about A820

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