Haipad M9 Will Be Upgraded To Quintuple Touch Screen

Haipad M9 will be upgraded to quintuple touch screen from dual touch screen. Haipad M9 is introduced the A9 chip which is awesome.

The A9 chip named EMMA Mobile EV2 comes from the Japanese company Renesas. EV2 is a processor based on the dual core and PowerVR SGX530 of 3D graphics core. Compared with iPad1 based on PowerVR SGX535 and Samsung PC110/PV210 based on PowerVR SGX540, performance of EV2 is worse.

The experience of M9 is satisfactory, supports 1080P video playback. Almost all kinds of videos can be played smoothly.

Configurations of the standard M9 are: the A9 processor based on dual core, 533MHz frequency, 512M memory, 4GB FLASH storage, 7-inch capacitive quintuple touch screen with the resolution of 800×480 and 4400mAh battery. As the power of CPU is low, the battery will last for six hours. The weight is 360g and the price is only 900 Yuan. The edition with 3G and GPS module will be released in the future.

The appearance of standard M9

The appearance of M9 with GPS and M8 with 3G

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