E88 With Appearance Of iPad2

The appearance of iPad2 is popular. At present many tablet PCs with iPad2-like appearance are released.

I will introduce E88 from Easydy to you. The appearance is similar to iPad2 and the price is $93 USD. It is equipped with VIA 8650 processor, runs at 800Hz, 256M memory, 4G storage, 9.7-inch resistance screen with the resolution of 800*600, Android2.2 system, 2800mAh battery, supports external 3G. The size is 205*157*9.9mm and the weight is 479g.

▲The black shell of the bottom

▲The interfaces

  It supports TF card.

▲It is ultra-thin and ultra-light.

The iPad-like appearance and the cheap price make it attractive.

Email: 84337286@qq.com

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