3G tablet PC with phone call feature

Several of people like tablet that can make phone call, however, this kind of tablet is a bit expensive. Do not worry about that, today I am going to introduce a cheap mobile tablet – A780. It has a Qualcomm MSM7227 CPU (the common one), based on ARM11, 600MHz, 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM (no NandFlash inside, only has a 2GB SD card). The 7” (800×480) resistance touchscreen is sensitive and clear. Furthermore, it has 2.0MP rear camera, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS etc. features and loads Android 2.2 OS. It is sold round $200 USD.

There is no logo on the case due to some supplier will rebrand it.

All accessories inside: adapter, earphone etc.

Red and black is a bit personalized, good make. The edge is protected by metal.

There are three virtual buttons.

3G SIM card slot, SD card slot and Mic. Now, it only supports WCDMA 3G network.

Volume control, Reset and speaker (another speaker is at the opposite).

Mini USB port, power, earphone jack and speaker

The back is painted by rubber paint, good touch, but easy to get dirty

The UI is customized and icons are so beautiful.

Making phone call…

The speed of surfing the internet is not bad, but it does not support Flash 10.

There is a cracked Google Market, provides thousands of free software.

This is a photo shot by the 2.0MP rear camera.

Can play some PUZ & relaxing game on A780.

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