2.0GHz, 40nm Cortex-A9 core based CPU – NuSmart 2816

It is said a formidable chip will be launched in the second half, which is the world’s first chip to integrate a 2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, multi-core 2D/3D graphics processor, 64bit DDR2/3-1066 memory controller, 1080p multi-format video engine, SATA2 controller, USB2, Ethernet, together with general I/O controllers. By leveraging the multi-layer hybrid interconnection technology, multi-level fine grain power management technology and advanced 40nm manufacture process, NuSmart™ 2816 is very energy efficient consuming less than two watts when running at 1.6GHz. With NuSmart™ 2816, Nufront is targeting ultra-thin laptop and All-in-One desktop markets, as well as netbook and tablet markets.

NuSmart 2816 chip

Nufront is a chip company in China mainland, if NuSmart2816 Tablet PC can be successfully launched in the second half, then the Chinese chips as RK29 series will become general, because NuSmart 2816 chip has reached international standards.

NuSmart 2816 will be located in Netbook and All-in-one, directly compete with Intel, AMD. Although very difficult, but Microsoft will support ARM processor in the Windows 8 operating system, so NuSmart chip will be a comprehensive chip, no matter in Tablet PC, Netbook, PC. $100 USD notebook or PC is no longer a dream.

The tablet is used NuSmart2816 processor, Cortex-A9-based dual-core, frequency range 1.6Hz-2GHz, 1G Nandflash, with a 8” (1024×768) multi-capacitive touchscreen, the system can support Android3.0, the whole weight of less than 700g. A person who played this sample said: the operating speed is faster than Tegra2 tablet PC.

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