Exposure To The First WisePad

Lots of people in China may feel a little strange to G`Five. However, it is a quite famous brand in the mobile phone industry of Shenzhen. G`Five is among the global top ten companies in the sales volume of mobile phones, which is an outstanding achievement. That is to say, G`Five is the third company from China to break into the top ten after Huawei and ZTE. The market sales of G`Five concentrate on the foreign countries such as India, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. But it hasn’t get a foot into Chinese market(but has prepared to begin in this year).

G`Five has planned to publish a tablet named WisPad GFT97A in the immediate future. It will be the first tablet published by G`Five. In the overseas market, the tablet will still follow the course of OEM and operators customizing. And in Chinese market, it will introduce its own brand. BTO may be available as well.

WisPad is equipped with a 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, Atop N455 processor, 1G memory and 16/32G optional solid state disk, supporting the built-in 3G module. The complete machine is fairly thin, which according to the offical introduction has 14mm full aluminium shell. The price of WisPad is unknown for the moment. But it is worth expecting that users can choose Win7/Android2.2 as its OS when the tablet comes into season. At present, regular users haven’t been so familiar with Android system, so the collocation of Win7 will surely increase the selling points.

We have introduced a 9.7-inch tablet with double system in the previous article.

[Exclusive articles]9.7-inch Atom Z530 tablet with Windows 7/Android2.2 OS

The difference is that the former one adopts Z530 processor while WisPad runs on N455. At the moment, the debugging on Android2.2 is nearly completed. We’re convinced that you needn’t wait too long for its coming. We’ll bring relevant news as soon as we get further information.

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