The program development of AMLogic+Android2.3 preview

AMLogic CPU is the first CPU that equipped single Cortex-A9 core + Mali400 chip and it’s all performance thanks to A9 core and Mali400 GPU. The key point of AMLogic has three, one is the cheap price, and the second is desktop performance, final is the capability of video playback and 3D acceleration. Therefore, many Shenzhen’s program developers have begun to developed tablets with AMLogic CPU.

AMLogic CPU’s full name is AMLogic 8726-M, based on Cortex-A9 core, includes a Mali-400 GPU. Mali-400 GPU can support 3D game and 1080P video and works well. Through my test, I think its 3D performance can battle with Tegra 2.

Now, AMLogic CPU sells for around $15 USD, however TCC8803 (A8 core) and RK2919 (A8 core)’s price will reach to $18 USD. So the cost of AMLogic tablet is not too high. Good news that the price will reduce to $110 with the basic configuration of AMLogic is 7” resistance touchscreen and 2GB NandFlash.

OK, I’m going to introduce a tablet equips AMLogic CPU, model is SHD710, it will be launch 15 days later. It has AMLogic CPU, 1GB of RAM (or 512MB), 2GB-32GB NandFlash, 7” (800*600) resistance touchscreen and 3200mAh Li-ion battery. Also it has built-in Bluetooth, wifi, GPS and 3G (optional). Preloaded OS is Android 2.3.

Here is the motherboard.

This is AMLogic CPU, 1080P Full-HD decoder chip, ARM Cortex-A9 core and Mali-400 graphic chip are all integrate in it.

It supports H.264 (1080P), VC-1 (1080P), WMV (1080P), MPEG1/2/4 (1080P) and RMVB (720P) video format.

It will load Android2.3 OS. The Android2.3 OS is faster than Android2.2, its UI and IME are changed, such as StatusBar, Virtual keyboard and some function icons.

Its back. There is a funny thing that you spend only $1 USD to buy a sticker and paint your logo on it.

The sticker is on the right side.

To stick the sticker on the device.

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