Qualcomm tablet phone, dual-mode & dual-standby

Today, I am going to introduce a tablet equipped Qualcomm MSM7627 CPU, which has TWO USIM card slot for EVDO and WCDMA. Additionally, MSM767 chip also supports Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS features, 800MHz. 256MB of RAM, 512MB NandFlash (enough to run on Android2.2 OS), and capacitive multi-touch screen. It has two cameras, one is 0.3 megapixels face-chat camera, another one is 5 megapixels back-camera. Size: 198.2*114*13mm, 370g. Reference price: $260 USD.

It is all made of plastic, light and compact. There are three virtual-keys, Back, Menu and Home.

The virtual-keys

Two USIM card slots (one for EVDO, another for WCDMA, the WCDMA’s slot supports GSM standard), power socket, SD card slot, earphone jack and micro USB port.

On top frame: reset, power button, volume control and speaker, another speaker is at another side.

It loaded with Android2.2 OS.

System information

The setting of location and navigation systems

Mobile network setting

USB tethering and WiFi hotspot settings

The speed of the loading of surfing the internet is not bad.

Summary: Dual-mode dual standby and dual camera are equivalent to general smartphone in the configuration, while equipped the Tablet PC’s large screen. MSM7627 CPU is not very powerful in performance but it satisfies basic using, smoothly running and capacitive-touch operation to bring us special experience.

If interested in it, you can contact E-mail: AB2008365@163.com or skype: ty88mid@hotmail.com

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