Experience and Reviews about VIA 8650 tablet PC

Before, I posted Real VIA8650 tablet PC Preview, let me share some experience & reviews to you.

1)         The frequency of VIA8650 CPU is confusion, I’m not sure it is 800MHz or                              something.

2)         Android 2.2 OS, fresh UI fresh your eyes

3)         Reasonable price, the price will be higher than VIA8505 tablets’ a little.

4)         To give out more heat than normal tablets when it is working

5)         Now only supports AVI format 720P video, does not support RMVB. (it is still being              debugged)

6)         Flash 10 playback problem will be solved in the Feb. 15.

7)         Can play HTML5 video online

8)         The speed of browsing web is not as good as RK2818 and TCC8902 tablets

Overall, VIA8650 tablets will be a quick-seller due to its cheap price. By the way, it is said that VIA8505 will be limit supplied in March, stop production in June.

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