Enjoyment above the price, $60 buys Aishuo MID

What do you want to buy if you have $60? MP3? MP4? Today, I am going to introduce a MID with a MP4’s price to you. Of course, in addition to playing music, video, it also can surf the internet. Additionally, the key point is that it is very smooth to surf the internet. Well, let’s look at these.

Samsung S3C6410 chip based on ARM11 core-800MHz

256MB of RAM

Built-in 2GB memory

7” resistive (800×480) touch screen

3600mAh Li-ion battery

Both of them have the same configuration, the only difference is their appearance. The left is the metal made and the right is made of plastic.

Let’s look at the plastic one first:

There is only a BACK/POWER button on the front.

Its back: there is a speaker is at the lower right corner. Four buttons are at the top, they are HOME, MENU and Volume control +/-.

12V DC-IN, reset hole, TV out, USB HOST, Mini USB, TF (micro SD) card slot and earphone jack

By the way, it has a stylus.

Well, this is metal one:

It is different with plastic one, there are three buttons on the front which are MENU, BACK/POWER, HOME.

It is protected by a metal shell. That long gap is a speaker.

12V DC-IN, earphone jack, Mini USB, TF (micro SD) card slot, USB HOST and volume rock

They are good devices that can smooth surf the internet, watch movie and listen to the music.

Information of system

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